Open Positions

Multiple postdoctoral and graduate student positions are currently open.

Research interests:
  • Electronic structure methods,
  • Spin-defects in quantum materials,
  • Exascale computing and porting to GPUs,
  • Machine learning,
  • Quantum Computing.

For more information, please contact: Dr. Marco Govoni.

Postdoctoral Researcher at Argonne National Laboratory

The postdoctoral researcher will work on applying atomistic modeling algorithms and first principles software to study optically activated processes in materials, in particular to study the electronic states of spin-defects. The postdoctoral researcher will be collaborating extensively with theoretical and experimental researchers at Argonne working in the field of quantum information science, other national laboratories, as well as universities. The postdoctoral researcher will have access to the state-of-the-art computing platforms and will perform simulations that incorporate elements of machine learning and quantum computing.


Postdoctoral Researcher at Argonne National Laboratory

The candidate will primarily be responsible for developing combined theoretical and experimental strategies for the discovery and characterization of spin defects in optically active quantum systems. The candidate will carry out first principles calculations on defective materials and of structural and optical properties directly comparable with experiments using codes developed within the MICCoM center. The candidate will also carry out optical experiments and materials characterization to validate theoretical and computational results with known and exploratory defects. These measurements will include optical spectroscopy, spin characterization, and basic materials characterization (defect density, strain, etc.) of known and unknown optical defect systems. The candidate is expected to work with and mentor graduate students linking theory and experiments of spin defects both at UChicago and Argonne, as well as seek collaborations with broad teams of scientists at Argonne and UChicago.


Graduate Student at UChicago/Argonne

Graduate student positions are available within the Graduate Research Cooperative, a new initiative launched by the University of Chicago Office of Research and National Laboratories (RNL) to foster and coordinate projects between UChicago and Argonne that involve graduate students performing PhD thesis research on site at the National Lab. Focus areas include: the development and applications of electronic structure and quantum simulation methods for applications in quantum information science.
To apply, please contact Dr. Marco Govoni.

Software/Data Engineer at UChicago

The Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering is looking for a Software/Data Engineer. The ideal candidate should have experience in the development of complex software and data architectures and in generating and using databases. The Software/Data Engineer will perform a variety of activities related to software support and/or development: the engineer will provide analysis, design, development, debugging, and modification of computer code for end user applications, beta general releases, web pages, and production support. The software/data engineer will work with a team of 10+ PhDs/postdocs.
To apply, please contact Dr. Marco Govoni.